Friday, March 9, 2012

Free Mulch or Composting Options

There are really so many ways to get free mulch or save money when mulching, we probably won’t even get to them all in this article. But if you are looking for bargains, you have definitely com to the right place. Several ways to get free mulch are listed below: Please decide which of the following works best for you.

1) Believe it or not, every year landscapers and even homeowners drop of 100,000s of tons of yard debris at your local transfer stations. It is usually classified as yard waste and not as garbage. Many nursery actually buy this yard waste back from them for super cheap, (sometimes free) compost it themselves, and sell it back to you next year as gardening compost. You can do the same thing either with your own yard waste or with yard waste from a landfill station and get free mulch. One man’s garbage is definitely another man’s treasure, at least according to the prices at the nursery!

2) Second, do you ever prune or trim your trees? Next time you do you can get free barking mulch buy borrowing a wood chipper from a friend or neighbor or renting one from a rental shop. You won’t even hall away the branches. You just chip them up and viola, free mulch. You can also feel good because you are recycling your own waste and beautifying your landscape.

3) Another way to save money is to buy mulch in bulk and then split the cost with a neighbor. A lot of times big orders will waive the delivery fee and than give you a discount on top of that. The magic numbers of yards to order is 7 to 20 yards. Find out their price per yard as the size of your order increases.

4) Point 4, Call a few tree cutting companies, they cut down a chip up trees all the time. They may be happy to drop some off for free as this will save them a disposal charge.

5) As with most bargain hunters a like to use Craig’s list. I get all the free firewood I need and from time to time, I can also find free mulch.

Soon to come more information on how to make free pine needle mulch, how often and how much mulch to put down, and calculating the amount you need to do installations for contractors and for homeowners. Free Mulch is definitely the best way to go because it is good for your pocket and good on your budget.

A Lot Of People Rent Would Chippers in the Fall and in the Spring

The best time for you to do your pruning is in the early spring, before your trees start to bud. Typically you want to do this during March or possibly even February. Make sure to cut down all of the branches from the tree before they bud. That way when your trees does bloom it's going to produce more fruit and look more beautiful. If you want a quick and easy way to get rid of all of the debris that you get from., You should consider renting a wood chipper. Wood chipper rentals are great because they can take piles of useless lawn debris in turn into fantastic bark, or mulch, depending on what you need. It saves you the trouble of having to take all the piles and put them in your truck and take them to the dump. Rather all you need to do is simply mulch them up and you get really nice landscaping material for free. Using a wood chipper rental is a great way to get free mulch.